iBridge platform is a marketplace designed by CIEL for sharing talent across organizations. This platform allows Employer organizations to publish information about the availability of resources on bench based on skill, location etc. and allow them to be deployed for short term projects at organizations looking for such talent. Once the project is completed, the resources return to their employer company.

The iBridge platform matches the profiles with the available assignments/ projects, ranks the profiles according to the closeness of the match and notifies the match to the respective users – thus avoiding the hassles of manually screening and matching.

iBridge is the first of its kind Marketplace and powered by Analytics frameworks called natural language processing based machine learning, a new-age Science. Ma Foi Analytics’ in-house experts have developed Resume Relevance Algorithm which parses the CVs to extract its context – skills & experience. Statistical procedures are applied on the derived context to rank the CVs against the context of the Project/ Assignment of the User Company and show top matches to the user.